The Mr. Men have been tickling children for generations with their funny and charming antics. The Mr Men for Grown-Ups series now gives adults the chance to laugh along as the Mr Men and Little Miss try to cope with the very grown-up world around them. Featuring Roger Hargreaves classic artwork alongside hilariously funny new text.


Little Miss Lucky is getting married and she wants to keep it simple and dignified, including the hen do. But everyone else has other ideas. Will she survive Little Miss Naughty’s antics and make it to her mother’s dream wedding on time?


The perfect book for any bride-to-be who wonders if they really are the lucky one.


Also available in The Mr Men for Grown-Ups series:

Little Miss Busy Surviving Motherhood, Mr Grumpy Nails Fatherhood, Mr Greedy Eats Clean to Get Lean, Little Miss Shy Goes Online Dating, Mr Happy and the Office Party.



32 pages

Little Miss Lucky is Getting Married


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