With SuperBee’s Hexawash, you can get fresh, clean laundry, without the use of any detergent or wasteful plastic packaging. It uses magnesium to ensure your clothes are cleaner and fresher than ever before!


Inside every GOTS organic cotton Hexawash pouch is 120 grams of magnesium. To make sure our product is as sustainable as possible, we use off-cuts from our Wax Wraps to make the pouches and don’t use any plastic in the packaging.


Each Hexawash can be used approximately 300 times and even after that you can keep using your old Hexawash along with the new one or reuse it as fertilizer in your garden.


Simply place the Hexawash in your washing machine and wash your clothes as usual. You can skip the rinse cycle as there’s no detergent residue to rinse away. Allowing the Hexawash to soak first can improve the cleaning process, so if your machine has a soak function, use it before washing.


Hexawash is fragrance free, contains no harmful chemicals and has a powerful odour removal action.


Everything about this product is a total gamechanger. Save money, plastic and water to get your freshest loads of laundry ever!


Materials: 100% GOTS organic cotton pouch containing 100% magnesium pellets 

Dimensions: 20×20×4 cm





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